Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What are words

What are words
but silky caresses
sweet soft kisses
echoes of desire
sounds of passion and longing
What are words
but my air,
my strength, my joy

What are words
but the hurtful slash
of the sharpest knife
the stinging slap
the throes of agony and heartache
What are words
but my wounds,
my weakness, my despair

Words kill me,
And bring me to life again
From abyssmal depths
to freedom, to nirvana


  1. words bring joy
    words bring sorrow
    but words we all need
    for a meaningful exchange
    i simply love words
    such powerful they are
    such a mystery some are
    the same word could mean
    so many different things
    to different human beings.
    I simply love words ... they are magical :)

    I totally enjoyed your last verse. the rest too :)

    1. yap.. i totally agree with you..

  2. Mindblur, thank you for sharing your poetic thoughts! :) Your visits are always welcomed with pleasure!

    Enter10meant, thank you for dropping by this blog!

  3. Sylph, our souls have conversed beautifully. As beautifully as your words and thoughts.
    Mesmerizing piece of work! Loved it!

  4. this piece of writing itself echoes the strength of words.. beautiful! :)

  5. Took me a while having been away from the blog, but thank you so much Silent Fingers and Shaayan :) your encouragement keep my words coming.