Monday, January 9, 2012

My Soft Place to Fall

I have made funny faces,
Angry faces, sad faces,
Smiley faces, confused faces
I have made a million faces
In front of you
Without fear of being judged
I have laughed hysterically
And giggled till my belly ached
I have cried till my makeup streaked
And my nose was full of snot
I have been ridiculous
And I have been smart
I have said things that made no sense to you
And things that you found very wise
But the fact is,
I have been able to be just me
Because you are my soft place to fall
When I am blue with sorrow
When I am yellow with hope
When I am red with anger
When I am white with serenity
When I am gold with delight
When I am pink with love
You have always been my soft place to fall
Whether I’m dancing to silly songs
Or singing out of tune
Whether I’m blabbering in my sleep
Or fussing about everything and nothing
Whether I’m high or low
Whether I’m flying or sinking
I wish you remain as you are
When my bones ache and my eyes are droopy
When my feet get cold and my skin is crinkly
I hope I can come back home
And still find haven in the safety of your arms,
The soothing of your eyes,
The warmth in your voice,
I hope you will always be
My soft place to fall.
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*Oprah always talks about every person needing a soft place to fall, and that inspired the poem. I like to watch the Oprah show occassionally, and it was sad to see the show end, since it had become sort of a bonding thing with my mom. But one thing that really got on my nerves was the show's audience. They just shriek and gasp and go into some sort of collective orgasm, constantly! Catch your breath, calm down, sheesh. Hang on, I think I should get paid for doing so much Oprah promo already. I await a goodie bag any day now :) Oh please add in one of those juicers that Dr. Oz promotes, I'd like on of those!


  1. what a fabulous poem.
    I loved it :)

  2. Thank you Mindblur, Randropz :) you liked my poem! yay! This blog is so new I can smell the newness from the screen lol.