Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bubble wrap, gym happenings, the Kardashians, the usual stuff...

I came across some bubblewrap today, and it got me all excited. Now this might sound silly but I love bubblewrap. Oh how I love bubblewrap! And not just lightly; bubblewrap fills me with childish glee and each burst gives me so much satisfaction that I can't stop until I've finished squeezing out the whole thing...and once I'm done I go over it all over again to see if I'd missed a single one. Its like Owen of 'Less Than Perfect' says, they are 'wonderful pillows of air' :) Life's simple pleasures eh?

Last week I started a new weights class at gym, in addition to the cardio. So there I am, getting pumped for my first class with my baby weights ready, while everyone around me are adding more and more weights to their bars, feeling every bit the newbie that I was. In the packed class I spot one of my cousins. To my amazement she's loading on these heavy weights like a pro and flexing her muscles and lifting and pumping and what not. At home she's this fragile, delicate flower, ever so proper and dainty and everything feminine, and here she's like iron woman or something. A lot of puzzled head scratching ensued on my part. Sheepish grins on her part. I guess lifting around 3 kids must have helped. People are full of surprises.

So anyway last week after gym I was of the mind to have a quiet night in, just watching tv and reading. I usually tune into CSI and Law and Order shows and Dexter on foxcrime, documentaries on natgeo, comedies like the bing bang theory (I think Sheldon's adorable, and I'm still hooked on the show so it MUST be good), better with you, $#!t my dad says, Happy endings and so on. WB still runs old episodes of FRIENDS which is awesome. I did start watching How i met your mother, but got so fed up since we seem to come so close but never get to know who this woman is. Just tell us who she is and how you met her already! Sheesh! And occassionally I watch Gossip Girl and some random movie. But one thing I cant stand, that just makes me throw up in my mouth, are these reality shows. Real Housewives of Atlanta and New York and Jersey and what not. Goddd just seeing the ads make me want to tear my hair out. Who watches this stuff?? Anyhow, not being a big fan of reality tv, I dont 'keep up' with the Kardashians either. Now before I say anything, I must admit I think Kim K is a gorgeous woman. Having said that, I think the world needs a break from her and the whole family. They're just all over the place! I've come aross so many comments on forums where people just whinge about the family being in their faces all the time, and its so true. I just see ads and that's more than enough for me. But something that piqued my curiosity was this season's ad that showed the guy Kim married proposing to her. I'd read that Kim Kardashian had gotten divorced after just 72 days following her predictably over the top 'fairytale' wedding that supposedly cost millions. So I was thinking, this is just so weird. We all know they're divorced, and now we'reexpected to watch them be mushy mushy and talking about spending their whole lives together even though we know they split ways hardly before the honeymoom was over?? I guess the whole rumor about it all being a publicity stunt might have some grain of truth, since it did get viewers attention, yours truly included. I decided to watch the proposing episode. In one scene they are driving to a restaurant where the whole family are gathered and where he had planned to propose, and they got to talking about where they'd live. Kim's adamant that he has to buy a new place since she cant get used to a 'lower..or' than she was used to. She said it wasn't worth it, and he asked her if she meant if he wasnt worth it. He was troubled by it enough to postpone asking her that night. Warning bells, my friend. If this was all genuine stuff, that should've given you clue enough. But then he decides she's the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with, have kids with, blah blah and ends up marrying her. It just boggles my mind that these people make millions from fame they got through scandalous tapes and airing all their family drama and dirty laundry for millions to see. It boggles my mind more that they can spend so much money on a wedding, and just toss the marriage away in two months. To say that they have their priorities mixed up is an understatement. I am determined not to waste another half hour of my life 'keeping up' with attention seekers on reality tv, and I'm hoping less and less people choose to get dumbed down by tuning into the shallow bickering and cat fights of the very unreal 'real housewives' and the like.

Ah now I'm off to do some Downward Dog, Upward Dog, Cat, Cow, Plank, Boat, Stork and Tree and more yoga poses to give me a good relaxing stretch before I hit the sack. I put down the names of these basic ones so anyone who's not into yoga can look them up and see how easy and relaxing they are! I sweated buckets, seriously buckets, at gym today and my body is longing for the comfort of my bed and pillows. Sigh, sweet sound slumber. Buona notte!

Ps - People protesting again tonight, why not just go home and get some shut eye. Maybe sleep deprivation is prompting you to run around getting angry over everything and nothing. Give it a rest, for our peace of mind and sanity's sake.

I learned never to empty the well of my writing, but always to stop when there was still something there in the deep part of the well, and let it refill at night from the springs that fed it. - Ernest Hemingway


  1. "maybe sleep deprivation is prompting you to run around getting angry over everything and nothing" seriously this made me laugh out loud!
    i think the whole nation needs to go on a one week slumber...
    i smiled through out this piece :)
    have a beautiful day and keep the smiles popping up like bubbles :D

  2. Thank you Laafenn :) your posts have given me many whimsical thoughts and smiles, and I'm glad I was able to return the favor! Hope you got some good slumber time, unlike the angry lot :D Wish you a most pleasant day!