Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bo halaaku!

Thihineh nubuneveyne

Hama bunaanan

Nikan bunebala

Bunaanan, adhives bunaanan, keeh kuraanee

Unhun nubuneveyne, alhe bunebala

Ohkayyy, I just want to bang my head on the wall and scream! Seriously this is madness! I am so fed up with this nubuneveyne-buneveyne-nubuneveyne-buneveyne business. I think I am so stressed that my hair is falling out now... I am even thinking of replacing my beloved L'Oreal Total Repair 5 with ilsha shampoo (oh goddd what terrible ads... and who makes a shampoo just for Maldives, a country of 300,000 people?? oh well...). If I keep losing anymore hair I am going to sue Ablo Gaazee, Dr Jameel, Sandhaanu Didi, the Police, MNDF, PG/AG (like AC/DC), those bunch of lawyers on tv, the Home Minister... aaaargh!!! What is wrong with you people!?? If I hear the phrases dhusthooree, muassasaa, tha'aaruzu, gaanoon asaasee negehettun, laadheenee, askaree verikan, gaanoonee haisiyyathu....I will have to get anger management therapy.

ok deep breath, deep breath.... regain my zen....sigghhhh

Whenever a man does a thoroughly stupid thing, it is always from the noblest motives
[Oscar Wilde]


  1. Nice post ...
    Seems this oscar Wilde guy has a saying which goes with any and all situations we as humans may encounter ...
    Great guy Mr. Wilde ... :)

  2. Thanks for coming by and leaving your thoughts //Sub/Corpus! Yes Mr Wilde never disappoints!

  3. I've no idea who Mr Wilde is but every time I read Haveeru or Sun online I feel like throwing up...the 'news' and the comments just makes me sick ..great post and love the stress reduction kit :)

  4. Dhathuru, I can totally relate to what you're saying. Its a dismal state of affairs. But reading Oscar Wilde could lighten up your mood. Look up his stories and essays, I'm sure you'd enjoy his humor :) Happy reading!

  5. hehe oh ya the famous author! I thought it must be a politician/activist/lawyers/MP in Male nicknamed 'Wadde'...actually read it as 'Wadde' mind is too messed up for sure ..I really, really need to bang it somewhere..:)

  6. Oscar Wilde here made a difference. Nice little read, Sylph :)