Sunday, January 8, 2012

A glance at the first week of 2012

Aloha fabulous people! Although a little late in coming, I wish you all a joyful, prosperous year ahead. May 2012 be one to remember for all the wonderful reasons.

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, lets get down to more serious stuff. As always, with the beginning of the new year I have made more resolutions that I hope I wouldn't forget about halfway through the year, as has been happening in recent years. The year has started colorfully I must admit, with such drama and political excitement. Following the 23 December protest last year, and the consequent closing and reopening of spas, and the yellow people frothing at the mouth and dragging their then-minister out of the car of their arch nemesis (GASP, this is the equivalent of catching Hagrid on the back of Voldemort's broomstick I assume), parliamentarians letting loose their restrained fetishes and tearing off each other's shirts, and the ridiculous spectacle of the pink people with the photos of their dear leader on their shirts and ties and foreheads (I mean seriously people, that's just creepy), and the even more ridiculous talk of a certain sheikh engaging in very unsheikhly 'acts' (personally I believe no one's in any position - missionary or otherwise - to point any fingers, kettle calling pot black and all). And we just finished the first week. Sigh. Man this year is going to be one to remember all right, most possibly for wonderfully scandalous and utterly stupid reasons.

Like I always say, I say it like I see it. I dont feel the need to take sides, I dont have interest in winning favor. So objectively speaking, I feel we must all admit that 23 December did get quite a turnout, as I thought it would. It is denial to say that they were just a handful of extremists. Sure, some may have been there for political reasons, arms outstretched and ready to come and swoop in like vultures in case the government happened to topple over and fall that very day. You could pratically see them salivating and drooling at the thought. I felt sorry for the people, the people deserve better than to be used as pawns to fulfil the political ambitions and selfish agendas of holier than thou finger wagging self proclaimed 'ilmuverin' and rich merchants and corrupt thugs standing on the backs of the common man and basking in the wealth created by a toxic network of corruption and narcotics. I believe many of them were there with good intentions, with strong beliefs, but their passion and faith were being manipulated and that was sick to watch! It gave me heartburn...or it could have been the spicy dinner I had.

Anyway, I felt the yellow people were equally ridiculous. Having a counter protest? That was a good idea, really? These protests come and go, its a free country, just let them be. I would have thought the better idea was to sit back and watch the show. Let them vent and let them go home. What did the 'medhumin' achieve, except a kinda lukewarm waving of yellow flags? For once why cant they organize something that represented a national united front? Are only yellow people the medhumin people, and everyone else extremists? I know many liberal minded people who refused to support the protest because it was 'just another party thing'. All liberal, tolerant people are not yellow head to toe, please get that. They just want their peace of mind. They would have gone happily to defend 'medhumin' if there was no 'gulzaarugaa nayaa magey' and yellow flags and yellow posters and yellow fliers. Smarter strategy wouldn't have excluded the rest of the country. Oh well, maybe the yellows can't think beyond their yellow boundaries, despite the 'rashu bandhu filun'. I felt sorry for the people there too. Pawns, all of them. Pawns protecting religion (who attacked religion in the first place? *eyebrow highly arched in suspicion*), and pawns calling for medhumin. The ones at the top  don't give a hoot whether these pawns were able to have dinner that night, whether they had a bed to sleep, whether a family of 7 lived in a single room, whether their sons and daughters got jobs. No. This is reality, and people should wisen up and refuse to be used as puppets in the sick and twisted political theatre, be it the blues or the yellows or the pinks or the various reds and greens pulling the strings. They're just means to an end, and they"ll be discarded as they are always. 

I, being the highly opinionated person I am, also felt that the President should have just taken the provocative monuments down when the masses started bubbling. Was there a need for controversy? I felt a bit disappointed, having been such a huge fan. I would have, being totally airyfairy and repulsed by conflict, just issued a statement following the protest that yes, the government would shut down 'brothels' or whatever, and that it was even being done now. After all the drama and hooplahoo of closing and opening spas, he ended up saying that to the press, and came back full circle. It could have all been avoided, but what to do. Maybe some people just thrive on controversy. Fires up the engines, I suppose. I can never understand that, being so into seeking and staying in bliss. *Shakes head in confusion*

Ok that recaps the more exciting trailer of 2012, and thats enough negative emotions for a day. I shall now counter with a rush of good feeling by looking up some My Little Pony videos and some Brian Atwood shoes. If you are a shoe person and dont know of Brian Atwood, I will just gape at you. There, done. Seriously, those shoes are divine! 

Oh and before I sign off, just a reminder people to load up on the sunscreen. Its a blaring hot day. SPF 30 at least! And invest in a good foot pumice and scrub, these roads are getting dustier and dirtier by the day!  

And to ensure a month of healthy living, I'll recommend the link below. Great stuff. Its got green tea and dark chocolate mmmmmm, how can it go wrong? :)



  1. Great post Cheeky Sylph :)
    I was nodding all the way through this write up.

    And yes, the following line just says it all for me, for the year that we just started:
    "this year is going to be one to remember all right, most possibly for wonderfully scandalous and utterly stupid reasons"

    the politics is just rediculous. especially the pink grp ;)

  2. Thanks Mindblur!! I know, the pinkies are a weird bunch. Now they're ranting against the elections commission. Sigh.

  3. I'm falling in love with your blog. your writing style and the bits of humor in it simply makes me smile, LOL and smile again! :) Great job Cheeky Sylph :)

  4. This is has totally brightened up my day, someone likes my writing style! :D Thanks for the compliments Dhathuru!

  5. I just realized the time on my blog must be wrong hehe. Now I have to figure out how to put that right.