Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Inside and Out

I’m the morning bird’s song
And the sunrays kissing your face
I’m the white clouds in the bluest sky
And the raindrops slithering down your cheek
I’m the wind rustling through your hair
And the smell of grass after rain
I’m the warmth of the noon sun
And the salt of the sea breeze
I’m the sand between your toes
And the waves lapping at your feet
I’m the diamond stars in the velvet sky
And the radiance of the full moon
I’m the tinkling sound of joyous laughter
And the peace of utter silence
I’m the chaos of rush hour traffic
And the calmness of the open sea
I’m the arms that envelope you
And the hands that comfort
I’m the dirt beneath your nails
And the sweat on your brows
I’m the legs that support you
And the senses that give you pleasure
I’m the beat of your heart
And the pulse in your wrist
I am around you, beside you, inside you
And even if I am not to be seen
Know that I am with you, always
*photo from s147.photobucket.com


  1. "I’m the sand between your toes
    And the waves lapping at your feet"
    Such heart warming words! Beautiful :)

  2. Thank you Silent Fingers :) Coming from a wonderful poet, high praise indeed!

  3. What a beautilful thought.. One of the sweetest things I've ever come across :)

  4. Thank you Shaayan :) Glad you liked it!