Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This is me boarding

The train to my next life

This is me waving goodbye

From a platform of regrets

This is me departing

My brief, beautiful fantasy


This is me being grateful

For reigniting the flame within

When it was just a dying flicker

This is me come back to life

When my senses were comatose

And my spirit was in despair


This is me leaving now

Dragging emotional luggage

With unsung songs and unshed tears

This is me saying farewell

To all that was and all that could be

Departing from wishful thinking,

Heading to the destination of reality
* As can be seen, inspired by my other obsession since childhood, The Last Unicorn :)

Press Undo

I miss 

Things I never had

I have memories

Of a life I have not lived


A laugh, a touch, a smile

That never happened

Cherish a past

That was never written

And look to a future

That will never be

Shed tears

For who I never was

Smile wistfully

At joys that remain unknown

I turn the page

And it’s gone

A life unlived

A footprint unmade

A hand unheld

A twinkle, a spark, dead

And I shall forever hold my peace

In the silence of words unsaid

Not Even You, Lestat

You may know the song, Lestat

To awaken a sleeping Akasha

You may have the power

To reach the depths

Of her vicious, damned soul

You may have the key, Lestat

To unlock her darkest secrets

And use them

To charm, to lure, to tempt

As you so wish

But not even you, Lestat

Can bend or break

Or bring to the knees

The demon within

Can put out the savage flame

Once ignited and burning wild

Not even you, Lestat

Can play with fire

And walk unscathed,

Remain unburnt

Not even you, Lestat

Can untwine from

 The serpentine coils

 Of this hissing snake

Or drown in these eyes

Of abysmal depths

And swim away

To safer shores

Not even you, Lestat

Will be spared vengeance

Retribution, agony, wrath

I have risen

I am here

Drink from me,

Forever is yours

* When I was growing up I was obsessed with Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, particularly with the charismatic Lestat, Prince of Darkness and the Queen of them all, Akasha. I had a Lestat poster that I loved, with the movie's tagline 'Drink from me, live forever', hence the phrase at the end. I so wish somebody gets the idea to make this into a tv series - what with the lame stuff out there, seriously :S

Some pics for the fans :)

The movie poster of Interview with the Vampire with Tom Cruise as [Anne Rice initially objected to casting him but was pleased after seeing his performance apparently]

And, Stuart Townsend and Aaliyah as Lestat and Akasha in The Queen of the Damned. The movie was released 6 months after Aaliya's death in a tragic plane crash.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bleed For Me

Bleed for me, my pet

Let me revel

In the scent of your life

Your sweet heavenly breath

Let me dance

In the twinkle in your eye

Let me sing

The song of your beating heart

Mortal flesh and bone

That turns to dust, and gone

Bleed for me, my angel

Let your crimson juice

Quench this raging thirst

And I shall give you

An eternity

Of darkness and desire

Of secrets forbidden

Of pleasures taboo

Of a savage lust unknown

And a brutal embrace

Hot kisses on cold lips

Vicious bites on soft flesh

Bleed for me, my little one

Open up your soul

And let me feed

On your secrets, desires

The sorrows and pain

The joys of your pure heart

Let me taste

Your pulsing fresh life

Your young sweet blood

And your innocent faith

In these demon wings

That enfold you now

In these claws that hold you tight

In these fangs that trail

The quivers of your veins

Oh yes, bleed for me

And in harmony shall be one

Pouring liquid souls

Into the infinite vastness

Of dark and damned immortality
* After ages of not writing I am so glad to have found my darker voice again. A thank you to all the dark forces that inspired me - and a 'seriously do not worry' note to all who might share concerned looks at this point :P