Sunday, January 29, 2012

Not on the same wavelength...

I've been away from my blog for a few days, having been occupied with some pressing personal matters. I have missed the comfort of rambling and venting in my own lil corner.

Anyhow, here I am and I'll cut to the chase. I am thoroughly annoyed with all this hooplahoo about this former secretary general of SAARC being taken into police custody 'in a humiliating and degrading manner'. If  she can not tolerate being escorted by police, or being ordered to climb in and out of police jeeps or walk into the police station, she shouldn't have gone there in the first place. She was not having a picnic at the republic square, she was sitting in silent protest, and she admitted that. The police had a right to remove her. If she was that concerned about law and order, she would have quietly followed orders and shown the respect she so persistently talks about to the media. Now its an issue that she was carried out of the jeep forcibly. Apparently its demeaning and reflects the deteriorating status of women in this society, according to opposition political parties. As a woman myself, I am not insulted or horrified or even mildly disappointed about what happened. I have always admired the lady, I find her to be smart, bold and capable. But in this case, she was obstructing the officers from performing their duty, and I believe she succeeded in creating a drama as she had obviously intended.

Women protesters had been forcibly removed by police even previously. They had been carried in the same manner, and some had experienced physical assault and emotional trauma. These can be verified from the reports compiled by various NGOs such as the Maldivian Detainee Network during 2003 - 2008. Where were these feminists? Where were these concerned people, especially prominent figures in the opposition today? Nobody said a word. Nobody raised a finger. Nobody thought it was humiliating and degrading and all that offensive. Take the case of Shehenaz Abdulla. The image of her being carried off by the authorities, and not even by lady officers, became famous and was circulated widely. Did anyone of these people protesting today raise their voice because they were so concerned of force being used against women, or their status in society? Makes one wonder of their sincerity and their real intentions. Hang on a minute. These are politicians, or atleast a bunch of nitwits who think they are -and we know that sincerity and politicians are like heavily lined smokey eyes and old-hollywood-style bright red lips. In makeup speak, you dont do the two together. [At this point, makeup tip - either emphasize the eyes or the lips, never the two in one look. I find myself focusing more on eyes, so I'm an eyemakeup kinda girl. For longlasting glam for your peepers, dab a lil primer on the lids as well, just as you'd apply primer all over the face before putting on makeup. My favourite primer is L'Oreal's Studio Secrets anti-shine mattifying primer. Fill in sparse eyebrows with eyebrow powder or soft pencil - dont draw them on in a single line, just do feathery light upward strokes and for extra grooming brush with a small eyebrow brush. Dust lightly shimmery eyeshadow on the lids, I prefer light shades of pink, purple and gold - right now I'm obsessed with an Elizabeth Arden makeup box gifted by my very thoughtful (and observant I must admit) sweetheart. To highlight the eyes dust a lil bit of gold or white shimmery powder under the arch of the brows. To frame your face perfectly the brows should arch highest at the point of your pupil. Line your upper lids with a smooth liquid eyeliner to notch up the glam quotient. From all the brands I tried, expensive and cheap, I noted the ease and longwear of Gosh liquid liners. I prefer to start from the centre rather than line the whole eye. Last year the dramatic 'winged' line curved upwards from the outer corners of the eye was popular with celebs and on runways. I feel I look too feline with this look, and not in a foxy way. I line the bottom line with a pencil, an Indian kajol pencil does the trick very nicely. Again Elizabeth Arden's soft liner pencils are wonderful but a bit pricey. Cheaper ones that work really well are Lakme Kajol thick pencil liners and this new one I found - Joves. Small tube like a lipstick, very convenient. Its been a popular trend in recent years to use brighter colors like turqouise, jade, charcoal, aubergine in place of the standard black liners [Bare Escentauls has a juicy variety of colors]. To make the eyes look wider dot white eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyes.Then curl the lashes by pressing down with a curler as close to the lash line as possible for a few seconds. Apply two fresh coats of mascara - choose from lengthening or voluminizing based on your preference. For thick lashes, DiorShow is a great product. I also love L'Oreal's Voluminous mascaras. Mascaras should be changed frequently and eyemakeup should be kept very clean. To remove them well, a good makeup remover like the eyemakeup remover from Sephora works nicely dabbed on cotton buds...or even olive oil will do. There you go- beautiful wide eyed peepers!!].

Right, so where was I, before going off on a makeup tangent? Political dramas. Well now I'm not in the mood for any more rantings and ventings. I'd rather go give myself a good hot oil head massage. I guess my barbie instints kicked in. But before I go, just one thought. When one goes to protest, loudly or silently or however, one should be ready to face the consequences. If they are going to go on media the next day covered in bandages and whining about injurues, I for one am not going to feel any sympathy. One of these loud sheikhs was on tv saying people who criticize these nightly protests claim that people only get harmed when they go to these things and attack police, and wouldn't be in any danger if they stayed at home. He said these people were wrong to think they'd be safe, because anybody can be taken from their homes to dhoonidhoo or girifushi. What utter rubbish! Nobody is taken out of their homes, or arrested, or intentionally or accidentally harmed while they are sitting at home minding their own business. When you decide to go and become a participant, have the courage to bear the repercussions. If you suddenly freak out at the last minute and start thrashing about like a fish out of water, well, thats nobody else's fault. At this moment I dont even want to get started on the guy who I saw on tv reaching out to his 'dhombe'. Cmon, this is soap operaish enough already without making it a family drama. No wonder your dhombe is not listening to you. I'd be ashamed if I was him. Sheesh. Will some people ever grow up... or get a brain!??

I got to run off. Have a fabulous day people - with peace of mind from the mind numbing chaos of this society today. Toodles!


  1. I agree with every single word you said about lady diana and her media coverage. That was just a ploy to get herself on media ... to show to the world that the current government is a tyrant. Or better yet she could be collecting footage for her presidential campaign :)
    everyone seems to be following on the footsteps of Anni. Blame him for all the muzaaharaas for his uncivilised ways ... and yet everyone seems to be following the same ways to gain power. I am baffled.
    and :) it was hilareous to read about makeup all of a sudden in the middle of that political drama :) good one :)

  2. Pleased you agree Mindblur...yes must have got some good shots for her campaign. Methinks its to be the big merchant's running mate hehe. Makeup, yes, my thoughts goes off on tangents now and then from totally serious to ridiculously frivolous but I'm glad it was humorous for you hehe.