Sunday, February 12, 2012

What do the people want?

People rioting in the islands, crowds gathering in neighboring countries, everyone calling to restore democracy in the Maldives... and they're busy putting together a cabinet of buffoons?? US Assistant Secretary of State Robert Blake was apparently convinced by the 'civil society' that the Maldives is not ready to hold a free and fair election at this time. When have we ever been more ready? The country is calling for a deciding vote, to put an end to all conflict and confusion. And if I may ask, what civil society? Where was the civil society all this time? Where was the civil society when the opposition protesters injured police and civilians and vandalized public property and plundered people's homes and business establishments? Where were they when the democractically elected government was ousted by force and the President chosen by the people was forced to resign? Our civil society is now a joke! When a bunch of people get together and call themselves 'Madhanee Itthihaad', not one organization of the civil society had the backbone to stand up and say, No you cannot call yourselves the Madhanee Itthihaad [civil society coalition] because we do not accept you thugs to represent us! That vice president of the Madhanee Itthihaad, the teacher guy Abdullah something, is all over the media speaking for the 'civil society' and NO ONE had the nerve all this time, or perhaps any sincerity, to say his views were not their own, although they claim to be poles apart in thought and ideals and principles. That is such hypocrisy. The civil society here is spineless, asleep or apathetic, Mr. Blake, and you want to get their opinion on when to have the election?

Talking about jokes, I saw that PPM MP Abdullah Abdul Raheem or is it Raheem Abdullah I dont know, the perpetually annoying one who constantly appears to be chewing beetlenut from the side of his mouth...anyway, he was on media saying that they had protested for 22 days without causing any injury to people or any damage to public or private property. I was sitting with my mouth agape, wondering if I was hearing things right. The media reported many incidents where they had attacked and injured law enforcement officials. We have seen them vandalizing and throwing petrol bombs into shops like Reefside and Megachip. We have seen the broken windows, the fires, the rocks they threw. Is this guy for real, or is his beetlenut mixed with some powerful hallucinogen!? This delusion was beyond ridiculous.

Mr. Blake, these photos show what the people want. They want the democracy they had voted for, they want the President they had appointed and charged with the responsibility of fulfilling his pledges, and realizing the objectives stated in his manifesto. The people want their President, not someone whose party can not even muster a membership of 3000 or win a single seat in the parliament. The international community says vaguely, it is the Maldivians who must decide. All good and well! Let us decide then! Urge for an election now, and the Maldivians will speak with their vote.
Ps- I am sitting in an empty house and missing my new family. I wish I'd gotten more time to get to know them better! I blame the 'baaghees' for ruining my honeymoon, my vacation, my time with my honey's family, well basically, I am fuming about everything. Now better take a cold shower and fix up some lunch. Adios people!


  1. well said dear.
    buffoons they are
    and I am now used to have my mouth agape with astonishment ... ever since the 23 Dec protest... it has grown worse and worse

  2. Yes my mouth is hanging open so frequently it feels odd to have it closed ;)I think my jaw's dislocated coupla times.