Thursday, February 9, 2012

Good going, mutinous traitors!

I guess you are all very proud of yourselves today, you in your shiny shoes and polished shields and bloodsoaked batons and uniforms stained with the blood of innocent, unarmed civilians.

Yes I am talking to you, traitors to this beloved country, to this longsuffering people, to the constitution which (ah the hypocrisy) you claimed to defend when you sided with the conspirators of this mutiny , the principles and ideals of democracy which the people had fought, bled and died for, and even basic humanity and decency.

I'm sure you are very proud of yourselves. You managed to arrest couple of hundred people who had been calling on you to do the right thing, you managed to beat up several of them badly, even kicking them while they were unconscious (didnt think they'd get that on camera did ya), and in a show of your wonderful skills, even managed to get 30 people admitted in the ICU! Now pat yourselves on the back and puff out your chests and feel really good about yourselves. Hooray, you have now succeeded in winning the loathing, derision, repulsion and total disdain by the public for your institution. As an added bonus you have also succeeded in ensuring the public's utter lack of faith and confidence in your loyalty and allegiance to the oath which you took swearing to protect this country, its rulers and its citizens. Aren't you just oozing with self esteem and feelings of achievement now?

I guess we can leave it to the photos and the video footage, some of it captured by the international media, to do the talking for you. I bet those puppet masters are throwing their loyal hounds pretty tasty bones. Perhaps the bones are juicy enough to forget that you are servants of the people!! We are your masters! You are here to 'protect and serve' us the people, never forget that. You might have the tear gas, the pepper spray, the batons, the stun guns...they can only injure and hurt and stab and kill so much...we shall rise again, and once we are burnt we shall rise again... because we are not driven by hunger for power or wealth or false promises made by conspiring merchants, we are driven by love for the country, and commitment to the right and the truth. People power will prevail, know that and do not bask in your arrogance ignorant of the power of the passionate masses.

The 'new government' is illegitimate. The international community will be turning a blind eye to the Maldives when the country and her people need its support the most, if they do not take note, if they do not call to restore the legitimate government to power, if they do not urge for the traitors and the mutinous factions of the police and the defense force to be brought to justice, if they do not step in and stop these aggressions against unarmed civilians whose crime is only standing up for the democratic government they had fought for and won after decades of struggle and pain. Do not forget the Maldives and her cry for help. You have taken pleasure in our serene beaches, enjoyed the languid waves lapping at your feet, felt the welcome of our warm hospitality, seen our genuine smiles, you have seen our tranquil paradise. Do not let tyranny prevail over justice, do not let greed and corruption triumph over the right and the truth.

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  1. Saaabaheyy !! Rlly touching man!! Brought tears to my eyes :) Insha allah this great nation will proper once again! God be with us!