Sunday, February 19, 2012

I stand corrected... and sit back on my kunaa...

The peaceful protest at Thinbaaru point continues for the third day... still going strong, calling for justice, taking our stand against tyranny and oppression and brutality, and against the cold hard slap in the face of democracy :) My salute to the families who have camped there, the couples who have strolled in hand in hand wearing their badges with pride, the groups of friends who have turned up to show support with kurumbaa and majaa from the gaadiyaas, the surfers who show their support in the waves as they best know how, the parents with their kids who come by in the evenings with their balloons and party hats, the spirited old ladies who come with their beetlesnuts and bileygandu...these are Dhivehin, united here in Dhivehi spirit. Trust Maldivians to turn anything into a festival :) And when I am amongst them, I feel such a wave of love and admiration for these people, for their commitment, courage and strength of spirit.

I wanted to make note of some points I had made previously. I had ofcourse been critical of my perceived passivity of the civil society. A friend of mine very much engaged with civil society brought to my notice that many NGOs were communicating with international organizations as the Commonwealth and EU as well as foreign diplomats, and that some were issuing statements on the issue. As I stated previously it is no surprise that opposition controlled media establishments do not cover their activities. I hope their efforts are brought to notice of the wider public. Perhaps I should not have written Wake up civil society, but rather Speak up, because I would really like to hear of what they are doing, and I would like the public to know of their efforts. I laud the agents of civil society engaged in such efforts and wish them success and fruitful results.

Now to sit back on the kunaa and smile. I listen to Vathan Edhey Gothah, and remember standing here in this very place 3 years ago, on the dawn of democracy as it came to be known, and I am overwhelmed with nostalgia. I remember I was there with a national flag, my friends were with me, there was hugging and crying and even shocked disbelief all around. So many people, so much sacrifice, so much of blood, sweat and tears. My eyes are tearing, that was a beautiful day :) And to relive it again, I've posted a video by Fahud of Shiuz's song on Youtube....bring it on, I say!

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