Monday, February 20, 2012

Illogical logic...big surprise...

Today I heard that an NGO, Child Abuse Prevention Society (CAPS) has issued a statement expressing concern over the disturbance to children living near Raalhugandu area due to the 'Insaafuge Dhathuru' rally. Riiiight. They were not concerned about the trauma and emotional disturbance caused by the scenes they saw on tv on 8 february? The beatings, the violence, the unbelievable brutality? They aren't worried that this might make a negative impression?? PPM apparently complained to the Education Ministry regarding Ibra's language at the rally, based on the reasonable logic that he had previously served in the Education Ministry and his language might make an impression on students. And this makes sense? Who comes up with this stuff? :S I am astounded by the sheer stupidity of this reasoning. Oh and they think its right to justify mutiny and teach these young kids that all these things happening in this country are right? Arent CAPS worried that young children are being confusedand misled about right and wrong, about truth and justice, and that is one of the worst things one could do? Boggles my mind. But then again, my mind is in a constant boggle these days.

In other news, for those friends who ask about my culinary exploits I made Prawn Vermicelli for dinner tonight. It was something I thought I'd try and fortunately turned out quite yummy. I made Prawn Red Curry as explaned in the Prawn Red Curry recipe I'd posted previously. I made it a lil bit drier by adding lil less coconut milk. Then I boiled water, added vermicelli, and drained them after about 3 minutes. Its important not to overcook as they get very soggy quickly. Then rinsed in cold water and added a bit of soy sauce, and mixed in with the prawn curry. Voila! There's your prawn vermicelli :) I got away easy for lunch too. My hubby was a bit busy and had lunch with some colleagues. So I heated up some of last night's left over beef made for the spaghetti, added in some thin long strips of red and yellow bellpepper, cucumber and carrots, and spooned into coupla taco shells. Yummy tacos!

I also baked some vanilla cupcakes, and am off now to deliver some for my family and friends. Its a cupcake drive! Keep smiling, keep the spirits up, victory is in sight ;) or so I hope!

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