Friday, February 17, 2012

17 February - Insaafuge Dhathuru

As I noted at the end of my previous post, I was on the way to the peaceful protest at Thinbaaru point. So here's the update. The turnout was massive, and the overall mood was passionate and bouyant. Unfortunately I didnt take my camera and my phone takes crappy pics, but here are some I copied from Haveeru []

Sheikh Imran is on TVM as I write this claiming expatriate workers were paid 100 Rf to attend this rally. I want to say to him, I am not an expatriate worker. Neither is my mother or my father. Neither is my husband, or his brother in law, or our relatives. Neither are our many many friends we ran into, old school mates, colleagues, neighbors, our parents' friends, even some of our teachers [yes it was like a big reunion]. None of us were paid 100 Rf. None of the people around each one of our friends, neighbors, colleagues, were expat workers. There were Dhivehin, speaking in Dhivehi, calling for justice and the right in their own Dhivehi Rajje. You are very wrong Imran. Perhaps you did that, but we dont need to. Our families, our friends, our neighbors, our colleagues... we can make up enough numbers, thank you very much.

Ps- I also gave a mini interview to one of the foreign journalists, an Australian agency. That was an exciting highlight! I was so passionate about all this that I didnt think of blotting my oily face, or that I hadn't perfectly blowdried my hair, or that my eyeliner was smudged...that should tell you people how serious I am!


  1. wow cool :)
    I missed that interview by Imran. Guess now we can be sure that they paid 100 for expat workers to gather on 23 Dec :)

    and cool that you gave an interview ... that's a very bold move and I like it.
    I am not even an MDP member and yet I root for MDP. I root for justice.
    May justice be served.

  2. Thank you for your support Amira! :) I wasn't planning to give an interview but i was on the spot, so why not eh, hehe. At this rate I might even end up at the podium ;)